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About Scott

Hi, I’m Scott! I’m from Hawaii but live in Iceland. I am constantly learning and innovating at the intersection of design, storytelling and transformation.

I am keen to learn more about how to build creative communities, but believe these three characteristics are fundamental:

  1. Diversity of people
  2. Foster a culture of creativity, vulnerability and sustainability
  3. Create opportunities for co-creation and sharing

Currently, I am a Fulbright-mtvU fellow, which is supporting my work on a community-designed festival called Saga Fest. The goal of the music and arts festival is to promote an environmental ethic among participants. Saga Fest is also supported by a creative community fellowship with National Arts Strategies.

I have facilitated workshops and lectured on storytelling, design and community transformation for universities around the world: University of Virginia, Listaháskóli Íslands, Haskóli Íslands, Washington State University and University of Pristina. I have also designed experiences for companies and gatherings worldwide:

  1. Arts and Audiences in Iceland
  2. Social Media Week in England
  3. Al Jazeera’s CANVAS in Qatar
  4. One World Youth Project’s summer training conference in Kosovo

Prior to my work in festival production, I wrote about music and activism for various publications and media outlets. I also worked as the partnership director of a global education start-up which was acquired in 2012.

If you’re a company, non-profit or individual interested in working with me on designing transformative experiences and social/environmental movement building, please be in touch: scottshigeoka (at)